The Best Sushi Places in Mason, OH

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Situated in Warren County, which is often referred to as “Ohio’s Largest Playground,” Mason is home to just over 30,000 residents. Around 20 miles away from bustling Cincinnati, Mason offers a comfortable living environment for families and has plenty of things to see and activities to participate in. This welcoming city also offers an abundance of restaurants for its residents to enjoy, serving up quality food from a wide range of cuisines from all over the world – sushi included. In fact, Mason boasts a variety of spots where you can enjoy a good old sushi feast, whatever the occasion may be.

Whether you consider yourself to be something of a sushi expert, or you’re totally new to this type of Japanese food, there’s no harm in trying out a new sushi restaurant to see what dishes it has to offer. Read on to find out all you need to know about the five best places to eat sushi in the Mason area.

Tenji Asian Cuisine

best sushi places in mason, oh

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With its dark, dimly-lit setting and fancy touches, Tenji Asian Cuisine is a fantastic spot to enjoy some of the best sushi in Mason on date nights and special occasions. But here’s the catch — it’s also a great place to bring the kids for a tasty restaurant meal at lunchtime, thanks to its reasonably priced children’s menu, which has plenty of options for them to enjoy.

The Tenji Asian Cuisine restaurant is renowned amongst Mason’s locals for its impeccably presented dishes, thanks to its sushi being served in a mini wooden boat. Some of the restaurant’s other dishes, including the Seafood Delight, are served on a plate alongside pretty decorative flowers. If you’re all about eating quality food in a fancy setting, this spot is the place for you.


Modern and laid-back, Fusabowl is another fantastic place to enjoy a range of sushi dishes in Mason. If you’re a fan of the do-it-yourself dining experience, you’ll feel right at home here at Fusabowl thanks to its menu option to create your own. First, diners can choose from a hibachi bowl, poke bowl, or sushi roll. If you choose the latter, you can then decide whether you’d like your sushi made with a seaweed wrap, soy wrap, white rice, brown rice, or fried rolls.

Next, it’s time for you to pick the protein, choosing from grilled chicken, grilled steak, grilled shrimp, crab, or salmon, among other options. You’ll then choose from a range of sauce options including sweet soy, teriyaki, or even wasabi mayo. Finally, you can decide between a range of vegetables as the second filling for your sushi roll.


Diners at the Ichiban restaurant can enjoy a wide array of delicious Japanese dishes. From the much-loved standard sushi options like nigiri or sashimi with a wide range of fillings to the special rolls that are exclusive to Ichiban, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. What’s more, Ichiban offers a special half-price menu, with plenty of options listed as half-price for dining in and taking out.

The special sushi rolls on the menu include the Baltimore Roll, featuring Alaskan king crab, egg, cream cheese, and old bay seasoning topped with scallions, and the Honey Bee roll, which is filled with king crab and crunch and topped with salmon, shrimp, and white fish, and glazed with honey mayonnaise. Ichiban also offers the slightly pricier Ichiban Signature Rolls, like the Cherry Blossom Roll – a flower-shaped roll with a salmon and avocado-filled center, a colorful outer layer of tuna, garnished with flying fish roe and wrapped in pink soy paper.

Dancing Roll Sushi

If you love nothing more than a hip, no-nonsense restaurant where you can enjoy a good plate of food with no fuss, Dancing Roll Sushi in West Chester is the perfect spot for you. The sushi here is made by the chefs using only the freshest of ingredients, and diners at Dancing Roll can even watch the chefs while they prepare the food.

This Mason sushi hotspot also has a ton of special offers available. When you spend more than $5, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of hot miso soup on the house, and happy hour runs between 5-11 p.m. from Monday to Sunday. What’s more, the sushi here is always half price, no matter which day of the week you visit or whether you’re dining in or taking out. Yes, please!

Asian Paradise Restaurant

If you love nothing more than Asian fusion cuisine, then Asian Paradise Restaurant over in Cincinnati is the perfect option for you. Serving up a huge selection of delicious Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes, Asian Paradise is well worth the half-hour drive to vibrant Cincinnati. Appetizers include the mouth-watering Russian Roll, which consists of yellowtail, salmon, tuna, kani (crab) and asparagus In a cucumber wrap. There’s also the sushi or sashimi selection, which features the chef’s best assortments. For the main course, lovers of classic sushi can choose from fillings such as eel, tuna, crab, octopus, squid, smoked salmon, or scallop, to name just a few options.

Asian Paradise also offers the Paradise Signature Roll with a variety of tasty fillings. The Paradise Roll includes tempura fried chicken, cream cheese, and cucumber with a spicy crab stick on the top, while the Ohio Autumn Roll features tuna, smoked salmon, and avocado wrapped with fresh salmon and green tobiko, or fish roe. Finally, the extravagant Lobster Tempura Roll includes battered fried lobster tail, lettuce, cucumber, and avocado wrapped in a soybean sheet. 

So, there you have it. Performance Honda Store just informed you of the five very best places to eat sushi in Mason. Did you think our list was satisfactory? If you think we missed a sushi hotspot of yours or somewhere the locals can’t get enough of, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know. Just drop us a message, and we’ll be sure to add it to our list.

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