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Honda Oil Change Service in Fairfield, OH

Oil changes are the most common regular maintenance needs for any car. The oil’s viscosity protects the many moving parts within your engine from thermal breakdown during extreme operating conditions. Viscosity denotes the level of resistance to movement the oil possesses. The opposite of viscosity is fluidity, or how easily liquid flows. Having a high viscosity oil allows the oil to coat the moving parts and protect them from the high heat. But your engine oil suffers over time, eventually losing its viscosity, that ability to lubricate those moving parts. It’s essential to have fresh, high-quality engine oil at all times. Call us at (513) 829-6900 to schedule a service appointment today.

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What’s Included in a Honda Oil Change?

If you live in or around the Fairfield, Ohio area and own a Honda car, truck, or SUV, you should visit our service department for your next oil change. You can take advantage of one of our service specials and have your oil changed quickly with our Express Oil Change Service that will have you back to your busy life in minutes. You get your oil changed at Performance Honda, but you get so much more as well. Here’s what else you can expect to get during an oil change with us.

Synthetic Genuine Honda Motor Oil

Honda created Genuine Honda Motor Oil from synthetic compounds with specially formulated additives that protect your engine’s many moving parts and promote optimum performance. Honda engines are more sophisticated than ever, and like most modern machines, they need unique care and attention, including the type of oil used in them. 

Most new Honda models require SAE 0W-20, a new synthetic oil with zero weight. The 0W refers to the viscosity level of the oil at cold temperatures like when you first start the engine or during the winter months in cold climates. The 20 identifies the viscosity level during high operating temperatures. This number tells us the oil will be thin enough during start-up or cold weather to crank the engine and yet remain thick enough to continue to lubricate during those extremely high temperatures once the engine warms up. 

Honda’s 0W-20 weighs less than conventional oils, so it lubricates more evenly, providing better thermal protection. It also increases your engine’s efficiency and reduces wear and tear. 

Having the wrong oil can lead to engine problems. If you choose a heavier weight oil on a recommended zero-weight Honda engine, it might be too thick to allow the engine to crank in cold weather. That’s why you should always use Genuine Honda Motor Oil and have your oil changed at Performance Honda.

Your oil filter was similarly designed to handle genuine Honda oils like this zero-weight oil, which leads us to the following recommendation: always use Genuine Honda oil filters. While aftermarket parts may fit, they don’t always perform to the exact specifications set by the manufacturer. When you get your oil changed at Performance Honda, you’ll drive away confident that your Honda has the best protection.

Free Multi-Point Inspection

During every service visit at Performance Honda, even oil changes, we’ll give you Honda a free, multi-point vehicle inspection to ensure your Honda operates at peak performance. The inspection includes testing your lighting system, tire pressure and tread wear, brake pads, fluid levels, windshield wipers, and more. One of our factory-trained technicians will review the inspection report with you before leaving. The technician will answer any questions you have and provide you with a quote addressing the recommended services. In many cases, our technicians can do the service immediately and have you back on the road in less than 30 minutes.

Free Fluid Top-Off

Our technicians don’t just check your windshield washer fluid as part of the inspection. They will check everything from your transmission fluid level and age, engine coolant, and brake fluid. When we see you are low, we top you off free of charge every time. Fluid levels drop for various reasons, from leaks to evaporation. We note these low levels on our inspection report, and if we suspect a leak or other problem, we’ll investigate further and discuss our findings with you as we review the report.

Free Battery Test

You can’t avoid failing batteries. Eventually, they die, but you can protect yourself by bringing your Honda to Performance Honda for your oil changes. We test your battery every visit to make sure it properly charges and discharges, giving you peace of mind knowing your car will start on those cold winter mornings.

Free Car Wash 

When you leave our Fairfield service department and head to work or home, we’ll send you off with a free car wash, so you can drive away in a shiny and clean, car. We know you’re proud to drive a Honda. We want to give you one more reason to smile as you ride down the street.

How Does Changing Your Oil Benefit Your Honda?

Protection from thermal breakdown is not the only reason why you should get your oil changed regularly. You’ll get better mileage with fresh oil because new oil reduces friction which improves your fuel efficiency. The Honda 0W-20 can increase your efficiency from 0.4 to 0.6 miles per gallon. Genuine Honda Motor Oil lasts longer as well, extending the time between oil changes on many Honda models from every 5,000 miles up to 10,000 miles. We still recommend checking your engine oil weekly to help spot potential problems like a leak.

How Expensive Is Genuine Honda Oil?

Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil, and that’s true for Genuine Honda Oil too. You might save $20-$30 using conventional oil, but this falls under the category of penny wise and pound foolish. The combined cost of more frequent oil changes and additional wear and tear on your engine will make the overall cost of conventional oil higher, particularly if your engine breaks down as a result. Replacing your engine can cost thousands of dollars. Factoring in the improved efficiency of Genuine Honda Motor Oil and you have a complete picture of the real value of using genuine oil.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today in Fairfield, OH

We know how busy life can get. That’s why Performance Honda created our Express Oil Change Service. We invite you to schedule your oil change online or stop by our dealership at any time. If you can’t wait, we offer a free shuttle to take you home, to the office, or maybe your favorite restaurant in Fairfield. Once our technician has completed your oil change and multi-point inspection, our driver can pick you up at a time that works for you.

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