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Automotive enthusiasts love Honda vehicles, and if you stop by our Honda dealership in Fairfield, you’ll quickly realize why. Honda cuts no corners in design, engineering, or performance, so you can rest assured that you’re getting an extremely high-quality vehicle for your money. Enjoy stunning aesthetic detail and incredible fuel efficiency, all wrapped up in one of North America’s most beloved automotive brands — stop by our Honda dealer today to sign up for a test drive. You won’t regret it! Give us a call at (513) 829-7300.

Are you looking for a Honda dealership near Dayton, Ohio or the surrounding area? We’re the closest dealership to you. Depending on where you live in Dayton, you can catch either highway 75 or route 4 and head south; we’re located on the Dixie Highway section of route 4 in Fairfield. If you are looking for a car dealer in Cincinnati, we are just a few minutes north, and if you live in Middletown or Hamilton, we’re close to you as well. As the centrally located Honda dealership in the greater Cincinnati area, we are happy to serve everyone in southwest Ohio.

Get a Honda Accord from Your Cincinnati Area Honda Dealership

Have you taken the newest, updated Honda Accord out for a test drive yet? You don’t know what you’re missing — enjoy elegant design, a luxurious interior, and sportier-than-you’d-think driving ability. You can also get the Honda Accord in different vehicle configurations: enjoy a modest LX, the vivacious Honda Accord Sport (with a sporty color palette to accompany the engine), the ultra-luxurious Accord EX, or the hyper-efficient Accord hybrid configuration. You’ll love what you see and feel, and you’ll understand why the Accord has been a top-selling sedan for so many years.

Have You Been Looking For Honda Odyssey Dealers in Fairfield?

Look no further — we have a spectacular selection of all-new Honda Odyssey minivans at our dealership. It starts at a reasonable price for how much value you get, it’s rated extremely well by automotive sites and KBB alike, and it comes in four varying configurations. Enjoy the family-friendly LX, a luxurious EX, higher-end EX-L, or if you want the ultimate minivan experience, check out the Honda Odyssey Touring minivan. All four models are exceptionally comfortable, and you’ll be surprised by how efficient the engine is in both the city or on the highway.

Get a Honda Civic Hatchback, Coupe, or Sedan

The Honda Civic is an incredibly fun car to drive, and the fact that you can choose from several different configurations just makes it all the more exciting. Let’s start with the Honda Civic hatchback; it comes with an optional continuously variable transmission (CVT), and it looks as great as it drives and feels. Enjoy the extra storage space that the hatchback tailgate allows, and despite the extra room, you’ll never have trouble parallel parking (for you urban dwellers). The civic comes in several other configurations though; enjoy a luxurious sedan edition that will keep you comfortable on your daily commute, or indulge in a sporty coupe configuration if you’d rather enjoy the thrill of driving a bit more. For those who want a true petrol-head driving experience, check out the Honda Civic Si line of cars — these turbo-charged Civics are the object of praise for many of the world’s leading automotive magazines and publications, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find a better driving experience for your money. Of course, for the ultimate driving experience, you’ll want to look into a Civic Type R — but you’ll need to test drive this vehicle to really understand its power and capabilities.

Get a New Honda SUV in Fairfield, OH

Honda’s line of family-friendly SUVs or large vehicles is hard to beat, and whether you want to purchase an HR-V or a large Honda Pilot, you’ll find the perfect amount of storage space, horsepower, or looks to compliment your lifestyle.

Get started with a test drive of the all-new Honda HR-V. It has fantastic gas efficiency, and you have four configurations available (including a fun sport edition). Comfortably seat five with plenty of storage space, and if you live in an area with inclement winter weather, invest in the optional AWD option. You can also enjoy luxury features like heated seats, dimming lights, paddle shifters, and more. For a step up the Honda ladder, look into the popular and stylish Honda CR-V; it also comes with optional AWD, and it’s just as good for personal use as it is for a family of four. Honda’s largest SUV, the Honda Pilot, is a spectacular addition to the SUV field; it seats up to eight people, and you can even tow with it if need be. It has surprisingly good gas mileage for how strong it is, and as you can imagine, it features an excellent crash test rating. For Honda’s sportiest SUV, check out the rugged Honda Passport. It’s built for going places that ordinary vehicles simply can’t go, and the athletic stance of this new Honda SUV always turns heads as you travel.

Get a New Honda Pickup Truck – The Honda Ridgeline

If you need a rugged, reliable pickup truck for every day (or even just weekend) use, look no further than the Honda Ridgeline. Originally introduced to North America in 2006, it has steadily risen in profile as American truck owners have come to appreciate the reliability that Ridgelines have to offer. If you’ve never driven a new Honda Ridgeline, we suggest that you stop by the dealership at your earliest convenience and see what you’ve been missing!

Contact Us For a New Honda in Fairfield, Ohio

Do you have your eyes on a new Honda Accord, Civic, Pilot, Odyssey, or other vehicles? We would love to get you set up with a test drive. It only takes a couple of minutes to schedule, and it doesn’t obligate you to buy. It’s hard to find a better value than a Honda on the automotive market, and we would love to show you why. Call us today at (513) 829-7300.

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