The Best Local Coffee Shops in Cincinnati, OH

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Whether you are looking to get your morning coffee fix, a little pick-me-up throughout the day, a place to study, or need a nice spot to relax or take a date, Cincinnati and its surroundings feature plenty of coffee spots that serve up a nice cup of java and tasty, light food selections. Here is a list of five local coffee shops worth a visit:

Cocoon Coffee

best local coffee shops in cincinnati, oh

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Located in Mason, Cocoon Coffee is the brainchild of Christine Sandoval, who decided to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother, a former coffee shop owner. Ms. Sandoval came up with the idea of Cocoon while working and studying, and decided that a warm, comfortable, and practical environment would be the ideal setting to do hard, rewarding work. Patrons can enjoy their coffee while working on one of the many desks and spacious tables, or wind down in their soft lounge chairs and regular tables.

Cocoon’s coffees are sourced from high-altitude regions in Central and South America, as well as Kenya and Ethiopia. Cocoon Coffee’s philosophy revolves around letting you taste the coffee without the addition of unnecessarily high amounts of sugar, which are usually added to mask an ugly, bitter taste found in low-quality coffee. However, the shop still provides cream, sugar, and additional sweeteners for your convenience.

Choose from classic options such as brewed coffee or espresso, or enjoy specialty creations such as a lavender vanilla latte, white chocolate mocha, or a caramel macchiato. For non-coffee beverages, Cocoon offers a variety of tea creations and hot chocolate. On hot summer days, cool off with a nice glass of berry hibiscus lemonade. Whatever you end up choosing, you will certainly feel at home at Cocoon Coffee.

Kala Coffeehouse

Named after the Greek word for “good,” Kala Coffeehouse prides itself in being a positive force in the community of Mason. The shop’s recipe for goodness comes in three aspects: its ingredients, purpose, and atmosphere.

Owners Roger and Jackie Wilson believe that you can only be at your best through proper nourishment. As such, Kala Coffeehouse uses minimally processed and locally sourced food and drink that are crafted with care. The shop is also involved in its community, donating a portion of its profits to causes that help local neglected children and helps provide a future for local youth. Lastly, this coffee shop is committed to hospitality, offering patrons a place to read a book in a calm setting, gather with friends, do business, or work on assignments.

Kala Coffeehouse offers an extensive and reasonably priced menu featuring espresso, coffee, and tea drinks, as well as smoothies, frappes, and hot chocolate. For those who are hungry, their kitchen offers great-looking sandwiches, a wide selection of delectable toasts, and fantastic waffles. The shop’s positive environment features ample seating and is run by friendly staff.

Kitty Brew Cat Cafe

Looking for the ideal location to bring your date and help support a good cause? Also located in Mason, Kitty Brew Cat Cafe serves up brews and purrs, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy quality coffee while being in the midst of friendly felines. Partnering with local animal rescue shelters, this cat cafe helps host cute cats while they wait to find a new home.

Kitty Brew Cat Cafe’s coffee is locally roasted, fair trade, and organic. Sustainably sourced and competitively priced, their menu items include your basic mocha, white mocha, and a variety of lattes. For the non-coffee crowd, the baristas will serve up a variety of smoothie creations, hot chocolate, and chai tea. After getting your preferred beverage, head on over to the cat lounge to see the free-ranged residents; a $10 dollar fee helps provide care for the cats.

Not only will you enjoy great-tasting coffee, but you might find your next furry companion. So, as the cafe’s motto says: have a cup, save a life!

Morning Star Coffee Creations

For a drive-thru option in Cincinnati, head on over to Morning Star Coffee Creations. Open as early as 6 a.m. on weekdays and 7 a.m. on Saturdays, this location is perfect for those looking for a cup of joe on the go.

The area’s only drive-thru coffee shop provides customers with quality coffee made with local ingredients. Their friendly staff makes each order especially for you and there is no need to leave your vehicle. A no-frills stop to get a boost of energy, Morning Star Coffee Creations offers a simple menu featuring espresso, ice-blended beverages, and a few smoothies.

Start your day off with a cappuccino, a white chocolate mocha, or a light cafe au lait. Their ice-blended beverages use freshly extracted espresso for maximum taste; selections include blended coffee, mocha, caramel, mocha malt, or brownie. Lastly, if you need a refreshing blend of real fruit (they use half a pound per smoothie), gingko, ginseng, and green tea, you will enjoy their thick and fruity smoothies.

Paris Banh Mi Cafe and Bakery

For a different spin on things, head on over to West Chester and stop by Paris Banh Mi Cafe and Bakery. An ideal destination for a morning bite, a quick lunch, or an evening date, this unique Vietnamese sandwich and coffee shop serves traditional Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, soups, salads, fresh-baked baguettes, croissants, pastries, all of which pay homage to the French influence in Vietnamese cuisine.

The kitchen offers a selection of soups, including French onion soup and a variety of salads, such as the classic Caesar. Enjoy a variety of puff pastry creations, such as the almondine, apple custard, and spinach ricotta croissant. Indulge in a mango guava cheesecake, a slice of opera cake, or tiramisu. To accompany your food selections, a variety of beverages are available, from signature drinks such as the “Paris by Night” to a variety of flavored milk teas with boba.

We at Performance of Honda hope you enjoyed this guide to the best local coffee shops in and around Cincinnati. Do you have a favorite, unique coffee shop that was not listed? Drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to add it to our list.

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