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As the Honda car dealers Hamilton, Ohio, we are here to make sure that you have a safe and reliable car. In this season, there are many plans to look forward to, and that’s why we want to ensure that you are prepared with a vehicle that you can trust. The hardest part for most dealerships is that they know their customers have different needs when they shop for vehicles. We have quite a big selection at Performance Honda, which makes it easy for us to find something for everyone who comes to us asking for help. Our sales team is here to make you feel comfortable and help you with our options, from sedans to truck models and more!


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We can compare two models side by side for you here. It could help you get one step closer to driving home in a new Honda car. Two of the most popular models that we have are the Honda Civic and Accord. To start off, the Honda Civic near you has an exceptional style to go along with its robust mechanics! It has a sturdy sedan kind of build, which keeps you higher off the ground. The 2020 model has a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with driver-selectable mode. It has the capability to be a front-wheel-drive car. This Honda sedan has enough cabin space for five people to have a comfortable amount of space. It has excellent gas mileage for all the travel plans you have and even has a compass to help keep track of your directions. If you have come to our car dealerships’ Hamilton, Ohio, website looking for details, we have them. It could be helpful to know that the Sportage has a DC power outlet. You can even utilize the programmable garage-door opener features so you won’t have to purchase another remote.


The first plus to choosing a Honda Accord is that you have a more powerful engine, which then results in better gas mileage. That is extremely helpful for you if you travel for work like to take the weekends off for new adventures. Some sedan models use more gas per mile because of how heavy the frame was built, but our design allowed us to keep a lighter frame and build. Another spot where this sedan can top the Civic is that it has an extra twelve-volt DC power outlet.


Of course, there are many times that people come to our car dealerships, Hamilton, Ohio, feeling anxious about how much a new car will cost. This is why we have excellent offers at our Finance Center! If you need to put your mind at ease and know for certain that you can afford the car you truly want, ask about our Honda Civic lease details. Our team members are here to assist you if you have concerns or questions about shopping for a car. We can talk with you about finance plans, lease deals, or services at our Honda dealers near you. We are Performance Honda, and we are here to help you with your needs.

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