2022 Honda Hybrid Lineup in Fairfield

Honda has long been renowned for making reliable vehicles that are fun to drive, like the compact Civic and spacious Pilot SUV. The same strengths can be found in Honda’s growing list of¬†hybrid vehicles. Here’s an overview of what our Honda dealership has to offer in this segment for auto buyers in 2022.

2022 honda cr-v hybrid in fairfield, oh

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Honda CR-V Hybrid

Honda’s well-known CR-V compact SUV has long established a strong position for itself, so it comes as no surprise that the CR-V Hybrid is also proving popular. This hybrid SUV boasts a capable¬†powertrain¬†and plenty of cabin space for passengers and cargo.

The CR-V Hybrid’s powertrain includes a 2.0-liter gas-powered engine, two electric motors, and a continuously variable transmission. Its gas mileage comes in at 40 mpg on the highway and 35 mpg in the city.

Step inside the CR-V Hybrid and you’ll find an expansive cabin. Both rows of seating have ample headroom and legroom for adult passengers, and there’s over 33 cubic feet of cargo storage at the rear. The standard setup features heated front seats and a power-adjustable driver’s seat. You can add leather upholstery and a power-adjustable passenger’s seat by moving up to the XL trim.

Turning to entertainment, this Honda is equipped with a 7-inch screen and eight-speaker stereo. Smartphone compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity are available with the base trim. You can upgrade to wireless device charging and a premium nine-speaker stereo if desired.

2022 Accord Hybrid

The Accord Hybrid is a¬†midsize¬†sedan that’s perfect for families. Its hybrid system consists of two electric motors, a 2.0-liter V-4 engine, and a¬†lithium-ion¬†battery pack. This setup produces rapid acceleration and can put out up to 212 horsepower. The Accord Hybrid manages 48 miles per gallon on the highway and on city roads.

Inside the cabin, the Accord Hybrid is fitted with cloth upholstery in its base setup. You can add a power-adjustable driver’s seat by stepping up to the EX trim and leather upholstery in the XL trim. There’s ample space for two adult passengers or three kids to ride in the rear row of seats.

At the rear, you’ll find over 16 cubic feet of cargo storage. The trunk is large enough to hold your family’s groceries or items for a day trip. If you need to carry longer items, you can take advantage of the¬†60/40-split¬†rear folding seat.

In terms of infotainment, the Accord Hybrid boasts an 8-inch screen with smartphone compatibility, thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can upgrade to handy features like a navigation system and a wireless hot spot.

Honda Insight

If you don’t need as much space as the Accord Hybrid offers, you could check out the more compact Honda Insight. This small sedan has excellent gas mileage numbers and spacious seating despite the vehicle’s smaller size.

Under the hood, this Honda has a 1.5-liter gas-powered engine paired with an electric motor. This power train provides swift acceleration and can churn out 151 horsepower. It manages to propel the Honda Insight to 55 mpg on the highway and 49 mpg on city roads.

The base Insight, known as the EX trim, features cloth upholstery and an 8-inch infotainment screen inside the cabin. For a touch more luxury, step up to the Touring trim for access to leather-trimmed seats and power-adjustable settings for the driver and passenger. The range-topping Touring also includes a moonroof and a premium 10-speaker stereo.

Honda Clarity

The Clarity is an ideal option if you’re looking for a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). Plug-in hybrids differ from other hybrid vehicles in that they have an all-electric driving range with a gas-powered engine as a backup. You can plug your Clarity into a power point at home or a public charging station to recharge its battery. By doing this, you can accomplish your short-range trips using electric power only.

The Clarity’s powertrain is made up of a V-4 engine, two electric motors, a lithium-ion battery, and a single-speed automatic transmission. The power train has an all-electric range of 48 miles, which is among the best ranges for¬†PHEVs. If you’re charging the battery at home, the Clarity needs 12 hours to charge fully on a 120-volt outlet. Charging time is reduced to 2.5 hours with a 240-volt outlet.

The Clarity’s cabin boasts heated front seats, cloth upholstery, and ample legroom in both rows for adult passengers. If you opt for the Touring trim, you’ll gain leather-trimmed seats and power-adjustable front seats.

Like the Accord Hybrid, the Clarity is equipped with an 8-inch infotainment screen and smartphone compatibility in its base setup. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and an eight-speaker audio system. You can upgrade to a 12-speaker stereo if you want an improved listening experience for your favorite music or podcasts.

Honda Hybrid Safety

All of the Honda hybrids discussed in this guide feature Honda’s Sensing safety features. Honda Sensing is a suite of driver assistance technology that includes traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, and lane keep assist.

Other safety features are also available, including automatic high-beam headlights and parking sensors. Honda has prided itself on strong safety ratings for its vehicles for many years, and this continues to be a top priority in its rapidly expanding hybrid lineup.

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Now that you’ve found out a little more about Honda’s 2022 hybrid lineup, we hope you’re as excited as we are about getting behind the wheel of one of these vehicles. Whether you opt for a spacious SUV with the CR-V Hybrid or the more compact Insight, there’s a wide range of models on offer here at Performance Honda. If you’re an Ohio customer who wants to find out more about any of our¬†Honda vehicles, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Give us a call at¬†(513) 829-7300.

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