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Honda SUV

Car Dealerships in Middletown, Ohio

Purchasing a vehicle can be a nerve-wracking experience for those who are confident in their knowledge about cars. There’s no reason for you to feel nervous about it if you have a dealership team that is willing to help. When you have a sales team at Performance Honda that has years of knowledge and professional experience, it’s easy to find cars that you like. Because of the experience in the industry, they know all the features, mechanics, and upgrades that could be useful to you. That’s why they will always guide you to some excellent options. They will show you some body styles that you are used to and some that are new to you. It’s fun to try new options and experience the road from the view and feel of different vehicles and their powerful mechanics.


That’s why we stock a large variety of vehicles. We want to have something at our car dealerships in Middletown, Ohio, that everyone can enjoy! That’s why we have everything from the Honda CR-V to our truck model, the Ridgeline. With so many options, we want to make sure that we have a clear idea of the cars that you are interested in. If we don’t know what you like, our staff will be taking a shot in the dark to show you Honda crossovers or other choices. That’s why we take time right at the beginning of your visit to understand what you are looking for in a vehicle. Things like the number of seats, gas mileage, and features you like are all important to know as your Middletown car dealer.


Honda Lease Specials

At our Honda Finance Center, we would be thrilled to help you save money to make your dream car fit your budget. Our Honda lease specials provide you with the opportunity to sit down and ask questions to understand the choices fully. Of course, some people want to own the car by the end of the contract term, so a lease might not be right for you. You can always look at the option of financing to own too! Our staff members are here to walk through all the possible choices that you have for your new vehicle, like the current Honda lease specials. If you have questions, you can call, email, or check out our online information. For example, the payment calculator can give you an estimate or your possible car loan rate. After you get the answers you need, you can proceed to the online application on our site.


We want you to understand that we accept all types of credit, from good and bad, you can qualify for an auto loan. We will even work with you to secure a no credit auto loan if you need it for your situation. We have made some of the strongest relationships with banks and local lenders to make these options possible. That means we can commit to finding you the right company to fit your budgetary needs.

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