Choosing Honda SUV Models

January 6th, 2020 by

Honda SUV Models

If you find yourself looking for vehicles that are long-lasting and safer than most sedans, we have suggestions for you. Honda SUV models are known for their safety and reliability. SUVs and trucks are built higher off the ground and are heavier than most sedans and minivans. Those two things make a very big difference when you put the vehicle on snow or ice-covered roads. Having a bigger vehicle does mean that you go through gas a little bit more than you would for a normal sedan sized car. But if your ideal car is the safest one that you can find, a Honda SUV for sale will fill that need. You can come to our dealership, Performance Honda Fairfield, for one of the best Honda selections. We have everything from new to used and everything between. On top of that, we have a fantastic team of salespeople that understand these cars. So you can get all your questions answered right away.


Honda SUV for Sale

If you are looking for one of these safer and smart Honda SUV models, you have come to the right place. We have a massive selection of vehicles that are available at our car dealers Middletown. We have new and used options for these vehicles. Depending on your budget and your list of wants and needs, we can help you choose between those two categories. For example, the new Honda Pilot for sale is one that most of our customers cannot pass up. With its many positive features and our sales prices and lease offers to go on, you will be able to take one back home with you. First, this SUV has very impressive gas mileage. It will get you wherever you need to go. Whether it’s a long trip on the highway, or a quick jog into town for some groceries, you will be saving money. Of course, with new vehicles, you will want to see differences with technology. This car has everything from comfort details like having the power to move your seat to safety ones like a blind-spot monitoring system.


On the other hand, you have a used Honda CR-V. But don’t let the title of “used” make you discard this as an option. Most of our used vehicles were bought brand new and then traded in a couple of years later for a new release. That means that because of our lease terms and agreements, they had to be kept in excellent condition. That way, it could be added to our lot for other potential owners like yourself. This is one of the most popular Honda SUV models that we have. When you buy used vehicles, you give yourself a head start because it cuts the cost of the initial sale. The price also depends on the car’s condition and mileage count. So you can find models that are from 2019 as a used Honda SUV for sale, which means you can still have similar technology features. Of course, if those options aren’t fitting into your ideal budget, we have a section on our website specifically for Hondas priced under $15,000.