Automotive Technician Career Path

Express Technician - $24,960-$28,000

Obtain Express Level Certification through Honda

Tools Provided by Performance Honda

Self-Paced on line training available through Honda

Advanced Express Technician - $27,000-$36,000

Obtain Advanced Level of Certification through Honda

Learn additional Services that can be completed in Three hours or less

Tuition Reimbursement for Automotive Classes

Entry Level Flat Rate Technician - $40,000-$52,000

Join one of the Teams in the main shop

Assigned a Master Level Technician to act as your Mentor

Complete all repairs under the assistance of Mentor

Enroll in accelerated Training Program through Honda

Honda Certified Technician - $55,000-$75,000

Enroll in Accelerated Expert Level Training through Honda

Master Certified Technician - $80,000-$100,000

All Repairs certified to complete

Must work for Honda for 5 Consecutive Years Along with Skill Level Guidelines

Begin to mentor other technicians that are beginning their career path

Master Diagnostic Technician - $90,000-$115,000

Work directly with Engineers from the Honda factories